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First sight of swings - Tuileries -


I found myself at this corner because i admired a young pair bouncing across the street, eyes smiling, hand in hand. The way they floated in beat with each other's footsteps was so simple and so captivating. Preoccupied with the magnetism before me, I missed the shot and the two trotted off into the maze of Champs-Élysées...I positioned myself at this intersection, in hopes of encountering an interaction that would produce a similar scene... Unlike the previous pair, these two highlighted the romance in a new hue..The way the gradient of the pavement contrasted the shadows of the buildings, the way the dainty street signs blinked and flickered like fragile heartbeats, the way the curvature of the worn brass doorhandles felt under my palm...everything i've experienced here in 72 hours has suggested a subconscious craving for companionship among all throughout Paris. The split seconds it took me to create a sketch of the interaction between these two led me to conclude that they weren't in fact "each other's" - just strangers striding by side. Maybe its the looming clouds, the silence of Sundays or the interweaving of these lone lives, that makes me believe that their synchronicity of step shows that they are [and we all are] indeed secretly in love.