Summer: Part I

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Paris · Barcelona · Mykonos · Athens · Izmir · Faralya · Goreme · Istanbul · Olympos · Sevilla


The world is such a breathtaking place and so fondly appreciated when experienced as was for the past few weeks. There is so much to say about the excursion that us to the Eastern edges of Europe, where the path meets Asia, but I can't seem to find words that would swell to the magnitude of just how incredible this trip was.

Being separated for 10 hours in Izmir, sleeping on rooftops in Goreme, getting stranded in a desert, hitchhiking our way to friendship in the Mediterranean and changing international flights for a finale on the coast...These are the faces with whom I have shared my summer days. 

For further stories and fuller reenactments, find me if you can! I'll be living out of this backpack and carrying these memories for a while. :)