The significance of a location is relative and undefined. How a place is remembered is largely governed by its documentation. Can subjective experiences be objectified? Is a personal journey devalued or enhanced when shared? 

The Vicarious Vials: Spaces For Saving seeks to encapsulate a specific location while investigating the accessibility of living through an other’s experience. 

Via documentary photography, package design and product visualization, The Vicarious Vials illuminates the extraction of tangible and intangible resources to form an interactive kit with the aim of provoking thought on the narration of memory and place.

TVV was started in 2014 and is comprised of three iterations of trips that took place in various cities of the United States / Canada, Sweden, and Morocco - the kick-starting units of an ever-expanding, ever-explorative collectible series to destinations unknown. 

See the image series and stories:
No. 3: Morocco
No. 2: Stockholm, Sweden 
No. 1: Wisconsin / Minnesota / Ontario

Boxes include:
__ Series of postcards (24) 
__ Vials of air (7)
__ Original poster print & map of travel
__ User manual (1)